I was born in Fez, Morocco, where I grew up and studied. This city has been, for centuries, a real crossroads and a place of cultural exchange between Europe, black Africa and the Arab East. Thus, it has forged a reputation as a multicultural and multiethnic city.

I am deeply linked to its labyrinthine lanes, its sacred and profane art, its Arab-Andalusian musical heritage, its light Berber and Jewish melodies, as well as the throbbing vocals of the hoarse voices of the Gnawas.

Based in Paris for almost thirty years, I devote myself to composition, singing and stage.

As I met, my artistic repertoire expanded and enriched and I was lucky enough to perform with musicians from around the world.

In 1995, a show at the Trianon Theater, "The Andalusian Garden", was the opportunity to meet the bassist and composer Emmanuel Binet, a regular in world music. Since then, we have continued to collaborate, for documentary music or for other artists. When conditions are right, we come back to the stage and the live show.

My album is the summary of a musical journey marked out by meetings with musicians from various countries, to discover their world and their sources of inspiration.

I consider myself a smuggler of sounds. My musical work combines Mediterranean aesthetics, African groove, Eastern mysticism, Western harmony and Latin rhythms.

To make this album, I gathered with me musicians from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, India but also Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Cameroon, France and France. Martinique.

The challenge of producing this album was above all to avoid the juxtaposition of disparate genres. It was therefore necessary to tune our violins so that the oriental maqam, the African pentatonic, the Indian raga and the Latin music sound in unison of a single project. Our goal was to convey joy and harmony through syncretic and mixed music.
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