Here is a written calligraphy of my hand piece
  "Mediterrano nox" as well as his translated lyrics
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Music: E.BINET - Azzedine
Lyrics: Azzedine
Oh ! How many souls
Coming from distant lands
Rode your waves
For an existence without chains

In your abyssal apnea
Your bodies will have no burial
At the bottom of this sea spreads
No one will get wind of your adventure

Do not talk about dignity
Paths of freedom
The day their stunned raft capsized
It was our humanity that had sunk
In a dark night
You snatched my necklace
And my pearls have dispersed
In a black sea of indifference
Purple red with shame
The day my necklace dispersed
Our contract broke
You cajole me: you call me ward of the heart
And you kill my heart
Between me and you there is God
Calligraphy Translation
Refrain titre
Not long time go, Breton fishermen,
Milled by the thousands, drowned in the Atlantic Ocean. They were driven by misery sailing on obsolete boats.The Writer Victor Hugo denounced this drama in his poem "oceano Nox" (The Black Ocean ")
Today, it is in Mediterranée that this drama is played ...